E' cucina was born from a passion for cooking and pastry of the two founders, Martina Cortelazzo and Alessandro  Lasferza. E' cucina is a cooking school with its own headquarters in Verona dedicated  to courses for adults, children, culinary events, cooking shows, dinners at home, cooking teams for companies, events such as “When I grow up I will be a chef”, cooking classes for foreigners. The school uses an effective interactive technique under the guidance of expert chefs. The school collaborates with some chefs who work on a regular basis and offers a wide range of different experiences in each program with chefs  who have  significant experience both  in local and national restaurants. The venue can accommodate up to 15 participants each  course with suitable space and equipment.

Cooking Classes

giugno, 2017

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5giu19:30- 22:30Bread, breadsticks, focaccia
7giu19:30- 22:30basic course 4 lessons with individual workstations
7giu - 14giu 719:30giu 14- 22:30Basic course 4 lessons in individual workstation
9giu19:30- 22:30Pastry: semifreddi
14giu19:30- 22:30Pastry: new gourmet icecream by Zeno
16giu19:30- 20:30L'Apericorso: aperitivo con ricette NEW
16giu19:30- 22:30Fast fish dishes
19giu19:30- 22:30New salted pastries
21giu19:30- 22:30new whole weat bread
21giu19:30- 22:30Sea salads
22giu19:30- 22:30new whole weat bread