gennaio, 2020

18gen10:0013:00Cooking with dad or mom!

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Cooking  with dad … or mom!

Cooking with the family is now possible at èCucina:

Cooking together, dad or mom and child / a, a starred chef’s menu?

You can do it at our cooking school in Verona, Via XX Settembre, 90: a 100% practical cooking class for fathers or mothers and daughters or children.

How does it work?

A èCucina cooking wuth dad has become a classic, a different way to be together with their children and spend a different and greedy Saturday morning! The first cooking class dad and sons  Martina did it in 2011 !

Then it was the turn of “cooking wuth mom”: the mothers wanted revenge and dispel the commonplace that men “create in the kitchen”, draw!

And then?

Then we realized that there is a winning couple in the family, a couple that fits perfectly in the kitchen, sometimes mom and son, sometimes dad and  daughter .

Here then children and girls with their favorite assistant mom or dad: and you, with whom you will come ?!

During the year there will be several fixed dates in the kitchen with dad or mom that will take place on Saturday from 10 to 13.

Each date will have a different menu with three dishes and it is possible to attend the individual dates.

The course is 100% practical, you will really cook ! The course takes place in our kitchen with individual workingstations in which each couple will have, the apron, its pots, two induction fires and everything needed to prepare and taste three dishes of a true chef !

You will have lunch at the moment with the dishes prepared by you!

What do you learn?

We have selected each course 3 delicious dishes that will be prepared at the same time by the chef in his workstation where dad or mom and child or girl will cook together and follow step by step the chef’s directions on cooking and, the fun part of the kitchen, the presentations of the dishes!

 How long does it last

2 hours and a half

How to participate

Sign up by calling 3341934095 or by sending an email to info@ecucina.eu

What is needed  

Your presence.We will provide you with the apron and all the tools

How much

€ 58 per couple if you are already registered (the six-month registration card costs € 6) subscribe immediately to 3341934095


(Sabato) 10:00 - 13:00