febbraio, 2020

17feb19:3022:30Pastry: krapfen and bomboloni

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Fried krapfen like once? or scented baked bomboloni? Do you want to learn the dough, cooking and all the tricks to make them at home?

Here is the course that’s right for you!

Here is a new cooking class at èCucina, aVerona, which has as its protagostist the classic fried krapfen or baked in the oven. Then it will be just a matter of choosing whether to fill them with jam, custard or creative ganasche!


Alessandro Laferza, our expert expert in leavening and yeast, will teach uskrapfen Monday february 17th  at 7.30 pm, in Via XX Settembre, 90.

What will I learn?

During the cooking course the chef will guide you immediately in practice and you will prepare all the dough with him. Then you will learn:

– choose the suitable flours

– learn the correct technique for kneading by hand or kneading machine

– to manage the leavening of the dough – how to cook it in the oven at home


During the course you will make (and then you will eat):




Who teaches

Alessandro Lasferza, bakery chef, head of the bakery, bread and pizza section, of èCucina, professor of the Junior Bakery Academy, trained at the Molino Quaglia Bread Academy and at the Professional Course for Bakers of Castalimenti di Brescia. He loves to teach, he loves to give all the necessary information, he does not fear that your pizza is better than his, you’ll have to stop it!

How do I register?

I pay the same evening? No, for you to find the course well prepared, with the weighed ingredients and all that is needed, in order, èCucina must know exactly the number of participants in time. You can pre-register and then pay within ten days of the course.So you will have your place secured!

To register, you can call 3341934095 or send an email to info@ecucina.eu How much?

The course costs € 75 if you are already enrolled in èCucina (€ 6 six-month registration card or € 10 the annual card, to be done in the evening of the course)

Where is it?

èCucina is in Verona in Via XX Settembre, 90 The program could undergo some changes in relation to the availability of fresh ingredients

Sign up now by calling 3341934095!




(Lunedì) 19:30 - 22:30